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Wood Two: The integration of nature can be a useful tool to create an environment in which people thrive.

In a workplace setting, studies show wood incorporated into building infrastructures led to increased productivity and increased levels of concentration. The employees additionally had lower levels of absenteeism and a higher level of job satisfaction. 

Healthcare facilities also improve from wood incorporated in their buildings. Employees had a lower level of stress during the job, and were more effective at their jobs, resulting in a better quality of care. As for the patients, their levels of stress were reduced. Robert Ulrich studied patients who had surroundings of brick walls, to those surrounded by nature. He concluded that patients surrounded by nature, had shorter hospital stays, an increased positive mood, and had shorter hospital stays (Ulrich). 

Wood in schools has also benefitted students, in similar ways to hospitals patients and employees. Nature is proven to increase self-discipline, resulting in better student performance. In an experiment, students who had views of the environment performed better than those surrounded by typical windowless classroom. The Japanese Wood Academic Society even reported reduced cases of influenza in wood interiors vs non-wood interiors. 

The use of wood in design can also benefit the corporate world and businesses. Studies show shoppers are more inclined to make a purchase when in a setting with views of nature. The same study also examined that shoppers were willing to pay a 20% increase of price for an everyday purchase, such as a meal, and 25% more for retail purchases. For the owners of these businesses, they are increasing profits just with the simple addition of environmental aesthetics. 

When considering future building infrastructure, people designing and using spaces may want to consider the evidence-based information and psychological insight to utilize wood, creating an environment in which people thrive, encouraging people to work effectively, learn better, and get healthy. 

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