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We work with developers, architects, engineers, and designers to create healthier spaces.

Placing Health and Sustainability at the Helm of Business Strategy.

Our talented team has demonstrated success in designing
healthy environments and sustainable building projects.

We are driven by the belief that the spaces in which we live, work, and play, have a profound effect on one’s overall health. By partnering with visionary project teams, we guide them in crafting sustainable, high-performance environments that prioritize occupant wellness.

How? Our diverse consultants bring unique expertise to assist our clients in creating a space that not only embraces sustainability but also fosters a lifestyle of well-being. Regardless of the industry or type of facility, whether it’s a new project or an existing structure, consider us an integral part of your team. Our skills are rooted in our third-party background – having completed projects spanning commercial buildings, academic institutions, mixed-use developments, communities, and existing buildings. From the initial design concept to overseeing certification processes, work with you at every stage. Given the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability, we dedicate our time to mastering new rating systems and methods, ensuring our consultants and clients stay at the forefront of the industry.

Trish Matthews



Sustainable Interior Design is Trish’s passion. She has studied and researched how design factors including space planning, choosing materials with low environmental impacts, and incorporating well-being policies, can impact the health of people in buildings.

Trish is a WELL Accredited Professional, Fitwel Ambassador, RESET Air Accredited Professional, Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and has achieved a Master’s degree in Human Resources. She has also worked for more than twenty years as a HR consultant in the Natural Resources industry.

Now as the principal of Matthews Design Group, Trish has worked hard on building a successful green design consultancy that assists architects, project managers, engineers, and designers, on creating sustainable, high performance living and work environments. Feel free to reach out to Trish directly at the following email.

[email protected]

Benji Smith

Director of Operations and Strategic Planning


Benji is a resourceful, thoughtful and compassionate individual that loves learning and being of service. Benji has creatively used his strong business management/ development skills, while focusing on strategic development, company growth and relationship building. Communication, connection and systems come naturally. After spending 12+ years in the health and wellness industry, he recognizes the influence that the environment has on our health and wellbeing. Benji loves the concept of biomimetic architecture and seeing sustainable design mimicking nature’s beauty. He believes that our communities can only be as healthy as the infrastructure in which we build.

Eren Bastanoglu

Building Energy Modeling Professional/ LEED Project Specialist


Eren Bastanoglu is a fun and enthusiastic individual that loves scuba diving in his spare time. He is a green building consultant specialized in LEED certification and energy modeling and a civil engineer with a master’s degree in green buildings. Eren has been working as a green building consultant since 2011 and has completed projects in various countries, including but not limited to the USA, Germany, Japan, Israel, Turkey, and Uganda. Eren’s LEED projects have a total of 5 million square feet of building area and seven of them are certified as LEED Platinum. He has provided LEED and energy modeling training to various organizations including Green Building Councils in Turkey and Georgia, Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, and multinational corporations.

Jotveer Pakkar

Sustainability Consultant


Jotveer is a compassionate, friendly, and extremely organized person. Jotveer’s focus, hardwork, and love of learning has allowed her to receive her Architectural Building Technologist Diploma, as well as receive certifications such as WELL, BREEAM Associate, FitWel and RESET. With a true passion for art, organization, architecture and green/ sustainable design, Jotveer believes in putting the health of people first in the buildings and communities as it is integral for elevating the quality of life of each individual. She believes that green building design is where wellbeing and sustainability come together to create prosperity for building users and help people thrive and is a promoter of education on topics such as indoor air quality and promoting a wellness based approach to design.

Sarah Thompson

Project Manager/ Green Building Consultant

BFA, DID, ActiveScore

Sarah is an extremely organized and creative individual that has years of experience in Interior Design, Commercial Project Design and has owned multiple businesses (such as a Interior Design business, a global creative online brand and a coffee shop). Therefore, topics such as marketing, social media, course creation, and the visual arts come naturally. Her love of all things organized and artistic allows her to understand the process behind new builds, developments and green/ sustainable certifications. Sarah believes that the importance of creating a user-friendly and sustainable guideline for our current world, will not only help us all prepare for a healthier future, but also allow our creativity to expand in many different ways.

Tonnette de Vera

Customer Relationship Specialist

DID, ActiveScore

Tonnette is a natural in sales, for she is a kind and social butterfly that focuses on trust and honesty within all the relationships that she creates. Sustainability and green design have always been an interest of hers, having owned multiple businesses that have focused on the topics of design, furniture design and communication. Tonnette thoroughly believes in the strong emotional connection that people feel when it comes to the decisions that they make and why they make them. With her strong health, wellness, and yoga background, Tonnette has been able to blend her dynamic message of healthy living into all the aspects of her life. Creating a healthier, happier, and more loving world is the driving force behind everything that she does.

Ron Bray

Air Quality Monitoring/ Sales Specialist


After a few decades as a Physical Education Instructor, it’s no surprise that Ron is extremely active, social, outgoing and friendly with everyone that he meets. A proud family man and influencer of healthy living, advising on the importance of wellness and air quality throughout spaces comes naturally. Ron believes it’s easy for people to increase physical and mental health along with productivity in the workplace. Striving to promote the idea all new buildings in Canada to be encouraged to have green/ energy efficient components, along with minimal pollution is key; not only for the health and safety of everyone today, but also for the future of our families.

The buildings we live and work in have an impact on us and we need to develop and manage them in tune with more responsible use of the world’s natural resources while protecting and enhancing human health indoors. We are proud to work with some of the greatest organizations that are planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining safe and healthy spaces that are built to last while minimizing the impact upon natural resources.