Focused on creating spaces dedicated to optimizing human health and performance.

If you are a builder, developer, or employer contact us to ensure the space you are creating is meeting the highest building health standards. We can support you with implementing standards or certifications that put health first in the built environment.

Design Group

We offer smart indoor air quality audits, whole building systems reviews, recommendations, certifications and offer up-to-date solutions to protect and enhance the indoor experience of people that spend time in your space.

Matthews Design Group is part of the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive.

We believe in People. Above all.

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Principal, CEO, MBA-HR, Well AP

Trish Matthews, is the owner of Matthews Design Group

Trish Matthews, is the owner of Matthews Design Group Inc. (MDG), a niche company that specializes in working with organizations to create sustainable, high performance living and work environments. MDG works with several green building rating systems that measure, certify and monitor building elements that directly impact occupant health and wellbeing. Before MDG, Trish worked for more than 2 decades as a HR consultant in the Natural Resources industry.

Sustainable Interior Design is Trish’s passion and she has studied and researched how design factors including planning space, choosing materials with low environmental impacts, and how incorporating wellbeing policies can impact the health of people in buildings.

Her credentials include a Master’s degree in Human Resources, WELL Accredited Professional and a Fitwel Ambassador, RESET Air Accredited Professional, Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

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Green Building Consultant

Jotveer Pakkar, advises on Green Building Certifications for Matthews Design Group

Jotveer Pakkar advises our clients on Green Building Standards and Certification Systems. Jotveer also manages our social media platforms and comes up with creative and engaging content to better reach our clients and audience. She is responsible for planning, monitoring, and implementing the social media strategy for Matthews Design Group.

Her passion lies in health, art and design. Knowing that her work provides occupants with healthier living environments brings Jotveer a sense of fulfillment. She enjoys  challenges that spark her creativity.

Having a background in Architectural Building Technology, Interior Decor and many administrative roles, makes her diverse in various skills and the ability to take on any task at hand. She is a FitWel Ambassador a RESET Air Accredited Professional with our team.

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VP Air Quality Systems

Ron Bray, is responsible for providing our clients with quality air systems.

As VP of Air Quality, Ron Bray is driven by his passion for healthy living to provide highly effective and sustainable indoor air health solutions.

His ongoing desire for healthy living is what enables him to promote sustainable air health to all clients of the Matthews Design Group. His greatest motivation is to help others achieve optimal health and fitness while building interpersonal relationships with his students, colleagues, and community.

Ron has a Bachelor’s in Education as well as coaching & entrepreneurship making him an excellent leader and communicator. Ron is a RESET Air Accredited Professional with our team.

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Relationship Manager

Tonnette de Vera, provides our clients and team with a solid working foundation.

Our relationships in business, and personally, are the foundations of our experiences and successes in life. Tonnette, as the Relationship Manager with MDG, creates the necessary building blocks for that solid working foundation within our team, and with our clients – present and future. Empowering our clients through education and guidance and support in making decisions for responsible, sustainable spending is key to serving our customers.

With diverse experience that includes consulting in the construction industry, Tonnette’s history includes over 20 years of experience in design, sales, marketing, training, and project management. From flooring to architectural finishes, furniture, and fabrics Tonnette has a deep understanding of the process of design from strategic planning through to final construction.

Tonnette’s passion is people, her strength is listening. We invite you to connect with her to explore what is possible for developing solutions for creating spaces where people will thrive in their environments.

We work with organizations that want to be on the forefront of implementing systems and policies that support occupant health through the pursuit of applicable research, the development of educational resources, and advocacy for policies that promote continuous improvement in our spaces. MDG is part of the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive.

We believe in People. Above all.