Certify your space to meet or exceed Global building health standards.

What is Future Proof

Understanding human health in the built environment is critical to organizational performance and success. We believe that organizations and workplaces should be developed with people’s psychological health, physical health, and overall community wellness at the center of strategic design.

The Future Proof Certification is an organizational strategy that combines a focus on workplace psychological factors paired with the most current human health standards to create specific recommendations that satisfy both the human and business needs of your organization. This is a scalable, customized program that looks at each organization’s current and future workplace challenges, identifies roadblocks, recommends changes, and suggests tools to support your team in today’s changing environment. We work with you to re-imagine a healthy, successful, future-proof organization

We work with your team to create a holistic approach to performance in the built environment.

Start Here

Tier One


Initial Consultation

Tell us about your organization.

What are your current challenges?
Pain points – what are they?
Where and how do people work? In-office, remote, hybrid?

Let’s identify gaps in performance and health based on the employee environment and organizational goals.

People First

We help you implement standards that advance health and well-being.

Review of work structure and relationships, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Employee effectiveness – Is the employee thriving?
What needs to change?


Leadership, and employee effectiveness = financial well-being

We work with leadership to set the groundwork for a healthy organization.

Transform your environment into a vehicle for health, well-being, performance, and resilience.

Tier Two

Wellness as an Organizational Strategy

Organizational Performance

Becoming a people-centric organization.

How? Create an organization that values physical health, mental wellbeing, financial fitness, social and community connections, safe workplaces, and healthy business practices.

Value employee engagement.

Policy & Protection

Strive to create a work environment where management takes appropriate action to protect the mental and physical safety of employees.

Understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion are just some of the areas we touch on.

Risk Management

Incorporate the up-to-date and emerging practices that advance your corporate-wide well-being strategy.

Review emergency preparedness, health, and safety post-COVID-19, and review asset and organizational resilience in the face of sudden world events.

Tier Three

Well-Being Commitment

Occupant Health

We ask questions and take measurements.

Satisfaction surveys on indoor environmental quality, health, and safety, aesthetics and design, inclusive design, and design for a sense of place.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Peter Drucker

Environmental Health

Performance testing on, air quality, light thermal comfort, acoustics, and water quality.

Recommendations: products, tools, and protocols monitor indoor spaces for health.

Community Engagement

Community engagement policies and initiatives, shared and collective values and practices, location and amenities, equity and historical acknowledgment.

This includes ESG, CSR, UN SDGs, carbon reporting, green building standards, natural capital, biodiversity impact reporting.

We work with organizations that want to be on the forefront of implementing systems and policies that support occupant health through the pursuit of applicable research, the development of educational resources, and advocacy for policies that promote continuous improvement in our spaces. Matthews Design Group is proud to be part of the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive.

We believe in People. Above all.