A Fully Certified Consultancy -

Assisting you in Future Proofing your project, building, or business with Green Building Certification and Training.

Green Building Consulting


Our team at Matthews Design Group can identify the gaps in performance and wellness, based on your employee, environment and organizational goals. Our job is to help you become a people-centric organization. By creating an organization that values physical health, mental wellbeing, financial fitness, social and community connections, safe workplaces, and healthy business practices, the details show through employee/ occupant happiness and satisfaction.

Matthews Design Group looks at the needs of your business, project and/ or building, helping you implement standards that advance health and well-being. By reviewing the work structure, relationships, engagement, and job satisfaction of your building, we are able to see the level in which your employees/ occupants are thriving and what needs to change. Our job is to make your life easier.

Constantly growing and expanding our offering system, MDG is proud to be able to certify your project with a wide variety of rating systems that achieve future proofing, environmental consciousness, and health and safety, for all.

Achieving your green certification can be easy when we do the work for you. We push the certification process in which you are pursuing along, ensuring all policies, programs, upgrades, and best practices are implemented and documented. Some of our certification options include WELL™, FITWEL™, LEED™, BREEAM™, RESET™, LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE™ and ACTIVESCORE™.

We would love to speak to you and your team about what certification makes the most sense for you to pursue, based on sustainability goals and long term plans.

Corporate Programs and Training

WELL™ Health and Safety Rating, WELL™ Performance Rating, WELL™ Equity Rating and ESG Guidance

Allow Matthews Design Group to train your team on a diverse range of WELL™ industry certifications and rating systems that will improve the health and wellness of building occupants through better operations and organizational policies. Our carefully chosen global rating systems not only increase productivity for the people who live, work, and play in the spaces certified, but promote overall efficiency and higher standards.

We can work with you and your team to incorporate up-to-date and emerging practices that advance your corporate-wide well-being strategy, such as our WELL™ Health and Safety Rating, WELL™ Performance Rating, WELL™ Equity Rating and ESG Guidance Training.

We assist your team in looking at the big picture; community engagement policies/ initiatives, shared and collective values/ practices, locations and amenities, equity and historical acknowledgment.

Air Quality Performance

RESET™ Certified Air Quality Testing and Equipment Installation

Green building certifications aim to achieve sustainable buildings
that are healthy, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. To
construct a healthy built environment for occupants, a high indoor
environment quality (IEQ) has to be maintained. Matthews Design Group takes care of things for you.

We ask the questions, collect the data and provide the recommendations for products, tools, and protocols monitor indoor spaces for health. We strive to help you create a work environment in where management takes the appropriate action in their spaces air quality performance monitoring. Excellent air quality has been proven to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and most importantly, overall health and occupant happiness.

We work with organizations that want to be on the forefront of implementing systems and policies that support occupant health through research, educational resources and advocacy for policies of improvement.