Workplace Wellness: A Competitive Advantage?

Learn How To Invest Into Workplace Wellness

Is your workplace struggling with the Great Re-shuffle?

According to a recent report on Wellness in the Workplace by the CREB, millennials, who will soon become the largest workforce cohort, are demanding healthy workplaces. The report states that 78% of millennials believe workplace quality is a deciding factor in a job search, while 69% of them are willing to trade other benefits for better workplaces.

Investing in Workplace Wellness could give employers a competitive advantage when recruiting the best talent.


Consider implementing some of the following health and wellness features and services, designed to promote mental and physical wellbeing:

  • Advanced lighting is designed to avoid disrupting people’s natural 24 hour: circadian rhythms
  • Implement easy to read CO2 sensors to monitor your space
    • Biophilic air treatment cleans the air using plants that filter harmful volatile organic compounds and CO2
    • Whole space air monitoring and cleaning systems to improve ventilation, filtration air cleaning, and disinfection
  • Advanced water purification reduces disinfectant by-products for the cleanest, most purified tap and sink water
  • Hydration stations placed every 100 feet with highly filtered cold water encourages employees to hydrate
  • Designated stretching and relaxation areas should be found on each floor
  • Cardiovascular equipment such as treadmill desks, encourages employees to be less sedentary
  • Dietary and nutritional info on display provides nutrition awareness and promotes healthy eating habits
  • Providing a juice station to allow people to extract and blend juice from fruits and vegetables
  • Stairways with enticing artwork as well as enhanced lighting and design encourage people to use the stairs
  • Hiring a wellness concierge to give health and wellness guidance to employees on request

The list does not end here, there are many more elements to the healthy building movement, which promotes mental and physical wellbeing through design. For more information on creating spaces dedicated to optimizing human health and performance, corporate wellness consulting, or if you are interested in certifying your space, contact Matthews Design Group Inc. at [email protected]

Original Article Source Credits: The Five Trends Driving The Growth of Workplace Wellness,

Article Written By: Trish Matthews

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